Cabañas Brisas Arenal respects the fairness of its workers and guests regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, political convictions and ethnicity. We believe in a decent life for all living beings. We are against any type of human exploitation, sale of drugs, prostitution, any type of violence, whether human or animal, trafficking in organs, animals and wild plants or any activity that threatens the moral or the environment.

​​​​Brisas Arenal is a boutique hotel in harmony with it´s environment, atmosphere and exclusive service. Each of our rooms have their own personality, and identity, just like our guests.  

​A difference to the large hotel chains, our service and attention is personalized, with great privacy, and extraordinary facilities sorrounded by tropical forest. 

The purpose of the hotel is that our customers feel at home, creating a unique experience for you.

The exclusivity that we offer in our accommodations is one of our main characteristics.
Being small hotel, privacy is guaranteed.
We are located in a unique area very close to a great wildlife sanctuary.


Brisas Arenal implements sustainable tourism practices in order to achieve the ecological and social commitments established in our plans. Our Hotel conserves a reserve of 2 hectares of secondary forest and 1 hectare of primary forest where the visitor can observe native trees and other very interesting species. Also, a tour of these protected areas, will allow you to observe different special wild animals such as raccoons, chachalacas, howler monkeys, sloths, toucans of various species, parrots, guans, armadillos and a host of other animals. This wooded area serves as a small biological corridor for all these animals. Among our activities of commitment to the environment we can highlight the maximum use of energy resources such as the optimization of the use of electricity, use of sunlight, the use of biodegradable products and recycling of waste generated in the hotel.


Nature is our passion. Surrounded by forests, gardens, and accompanied by a wide variety of birds, in Brisas Arenal you will find out the peace and tranquility that you desire.

Come and experience it for yourself. 

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Carlos A. Román Espinoza

Exceeding the expectations of our guests through friendly, professional and family treatment to ensure that they enjoy their stay to the fullest and bring the best memories of Brisas Arenal and its staff. The Hotel Brisas Arenal is a destination of tranquility, safe and in harmony with nature. It is a family business oriented to the attention of its guests through good treatment, environmental sustainability and the maintenance of the customs of this region.